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Hi, My name is haider ali umer. I'm a self thought front-end engineer from pakistan, I'm also a 6th semester bachelors student with major in computer science. I always love to learn new technologies related to my field. I have done many online courses related to front-end development and python language. The Complete JavaScript , Advanced JavaScript Concepts , Advanced CSS and Sass , Web Developer Bootcamp , javascript30, Complete Python Bootcamp, The Python Mega Course, many courses from frontendmasters .

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crwn project pic

This is Shopping website made with REACT/REDUX/FIREBAS/STRIPE. User can signup using email and password and login using email and Google account .User can Shope cloths and accessories and pay payments using any card.

forkify project pic

This is a recipe search project, where user can search any recipe and get all the ingredients related to to recipe,user can also add ingredients in shopping list and add recipe to the like section. I was use vanilla javascript with MVC pattern to develop this project

budget project pic

This is a Monthly Budget Project, where users can calculate monthly budget (add both income and expenses), This project use One page Small MVC model.

dice game project pic

This is a title Fun project, which I created when I start learning javaScript. This is two player game, players can set final score and start playing it, Player reached final score will win the Game

natours project pic

This is template for toursium website, I use some advance css and scss for creating this website.

trillo project pic

This is template for software house, which I develop for the university project.Use some custom javascript and some external libraries

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